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Recent Articles and Book Chapters

2023, Forthcoming “Virginia Woolf on Loan: Tracing Woolf’s readers in the Shakespeare and Company Project” Southworth, Helen, Alice Staveley, Claire Battershill, Matthew Hannah, Elizabeth Willson Gordon.  in Cultural Analytics and Modernism/Modernity and eds. Rebecca Koeser and Josh Kotin.

2023, Forthcoming “Scholarly Digital Editions.” Battershill, Claire, Anna Mukamal and Helen Southworth. Cambridge Companion to Digital Literature. Cambridge UP Ed. Adam Hammond.

2022, “Early Women Workers at the Hogarth Press (c. 1917-1925).” Nicola Wilson and Helen Southworth.  Women in Print, vol 2 production, distribution and consumption. ‘Printing History and Culture’ series, Peter Lang Ltd, ed. Helen Williams.

2021. “Virginia Woolf and Literary London.” Oxford Handbook to Virginia Woolf. Oxford University Press. Editor: Anne Fernald. 

2021, “‘Women making modernism’: Digital Humanities and Modernist Women’s Innovations in the Classroom” Elizabeth Willson Gordon and Helen Southworth. Teaching Modernist Women’s Writing in English (MLA, Janine Utell, ed.).

2020, “New Hands on Old Papers: Modernist Publishing and the Archival Gaze.” Modernism/modernity: Print plus. Staveley, Alice, Claire Battershill, Helen Southworth, Matthew Hannah, Elizabeth Willson Gordon, and Nicola Wilson.

2019, “On Poets and Publishing Networks: Charting the Careers of Charlotte Mew and Anna Wickham.” Oboza, Alina and Helen Southworth. Women, Periodicals and Print Culture in Britain (Edinburgh University Press, Faith Binckes and Carey Snyder, eds.).

2018, “Virginia Woolf.” Dictionnaire Colette. (Paris: Classiques Garnier, Guy Ducrey et Jacques Dupont, eds.).

2018, “Modernism, Digital Humanities and Collaboration.” Modernism/modernity: Print Plus. Battershill, Claire, Helen Southworth, Elizabeth Willson Gordon and Alice Staveley.

2016, “Elizabeth Senior: A Life in Pictures.” Women: A Cultural Review.